Grand Champion Prairie Walker Katsumi's Early Dawn


 OFA = Pending (To Young)

& CERF= Normal

GCH Katie is a part of the Walker family (My daughter and her 6 children). GCH Katie is a very sweet and playful Shiba. She's always looking to love on someone, whether it be her fellow Shibas, or her two-legged friends.  

She has very correct Shiba confirmation, and sports a beautiful, thick red coat.  She has dark, intelligent, almond shaped eyes, and perfect, thick little Shiba ears. 

She now has her grand championship and completed it at the end of July, 2018. We're looking forward to seeing the awesome puppies out of Katie. Katie stands at 15 1/2” and weighs 20 lbs. 

Champion Kuro Oka’s Lucky Strike “Adam”


Bred by Bill Fletcher/Lynne Fletcher

OFA Test Pending “Age appropriate”

I cannot thank Bill & Lynne Fletcher Owners of Kuro Oka Kennels in South Dakota 

for allowing us to have this awesome

boy in our Kennel. 

Adam in his first weekend out, at only 6

months of age, won 2 majors and 7 points toward his Championship. 

Adam is a happy boy and wants to play with everyone. His coat is very thick, little ears and the most beautiful slant that most Shiba breeds wish and hope to see in their kennels. We are hoping to see this boy complete his championship soon!

Champion Prairie Sands Kirena Fara


AKC Registered


Patella= Normal OFA= Pending (To young) CERF= Pending 

Fara's sire is Koyote Kenzie of the Prairie, who wowed all the judges his first time in the show ring. Fara completed her championship at the end of July. 

Fara is a gentle, sweet girl who is affectionate and loves her pets from her loving family of 10 children. Fara is very Playful and curious.  She loves crawling into her humans lap for a snuggle. 

Fara's face has the dark outlines of her eyes which shows the beautifully shape of her eyes. She has small thick ears and a beautiful full coat.  We are hoping to get some AKC points soon with this loving, precious girl. Fara stands at 15" and weighs 18 lbs.