Shiba Inu Sire

Koyotes Prairie's Desert Storm "Stormy"


Black and Tan

Bred by Laura Lange

AKC Registered/Canandian Kennel Club


 Hips: Good

 Patella: Normal

 Elbow: Normal

 Eyes: Clear 

Our dearest thanks to Laura Lange, owner of Koyote Kennels in Cochrane, AB, Canada. Thank you Laura for your kindness and knowledge in helping us get the best Black & Tan male for our kennel.  Stormy is a little ham with a carefree, outgoing and affectionate personality. His looks favor a square body, little ears, & Triangular, slanted eyes.  He sports a beautiful black coat with the right amount of reddish tints, & the silver gray undercoat, with excellent guard hairs.  Stormy's name came about with thoughts of our troops over seas protecting our country.  Plus where we live in Nebraska is more Desert or High Plains  Desert.

Koyotes Kenzie Of The Prairie "Kenzie"



bred by Laura Lange

AKC Registered/Canadian Kennel Club 


 Hips: Good

 Patella: Normal

 Elbow: Normal

 Cardiac: Normal

 Eyes: Clear

Kenzie is Major Pointed with AKC. Kenzie is the sire to 4 Champioms & 1 Grand Champion. One of Kenzie's Great Great Grand Fathers is Yamashiro No Ryuuko Gokyouto Daigo Kensha who came from the Matsumaru line & bred by Mr. Nishimura of Kyoto Daigo Kensha was one of the Foundation sires for the Shiba Inu breed.  Once again our dearest thanks to Laura Lange, owner of Koyote Kennels in Cochrane, AB, Canada.  Thank you Laura for making it possible for us to have one of your outstanding Red boys.  I could not ask for a more perfect, best of the best Red boys to be in our kennel.  He sports the most densely thick coat, beautifully correct conformation, small thick ears, with triangular, slanted eye set and to top it off, Kenzie's personality is loving to both people and all of his 4 legged friends, cats included.  He is a very smart boy and most of all just wants to please you in what ever you ask of him.   As of April 11th & 12th 2015 Kenzie has been show in his 1st show ever in Brighton, Colorado.  Under John Shoemaker Kenzie received his 1st 3 point major and the next day under Arley Hussin he was Winners Dog and Best of Winners, total points for the weekend was 5 points.  


Champion Kuro Oka’s Lucky Strike “Adam”


Bred by Bill Fletcher/Lynne Fletcher

Registered AKC


Patellar = Normal

Hips "Preliminary" = Good

Elbow “Preliminary" = Normal

Cardiac = Normal

Eyes Clear

Bill & Lynne Fletcher Owners of Kuro Oka

Kennels in South Dakota has allowing us to have this awesome

boy in our Kennel. We want to say over and over our thanks to Bill & Lynne for trusting Adam to us.  Adam's first weekend out, at only 6

months of age, won 2 majors and 7 points toward his

Championship. As of June 3rd Adam received his Championship with AKC at only 8 months of age. Adam is a happy boy and wants to play with

everyone. His coat is very thick, little ears, triangular, slanted eyes , a loviely think round muzzle. Adam has exceptional pedigree, with 22 Champions or Grand Champions in 4 generation. We are hoping to bring out some of those qualities in upcoming litters that Adam will sire.  We hope to continue his show career  and get his Grand Champion.